Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trifecta AKA Embassy-Triple-Threat

Yesterday marked 3 years since The Lord put it on both of our hearts that it was time to consider adoption.

It's been 2 years & 3 months 
since we began our paper chase.

1 year & 8 months since DTE - 
our dossier was sent to Ethiopia.
See that?  Paper-Pregnant!
Dossier ready to go!
We waited 15 months for a referral - 
that has been 5 months ago now.
Our very first picture of Kindu

13 weeks ago we traveled to meet Kindu 
and passed court.

9 weeks ago our agency, America World, attempted to submit us to embassy.

7 of those weeks were spent attempting to gather Embassy-requested documentation.

Now 1 week ago, we were Finally! 
submitted to embassy.

5 days since initial screening has been done and we have been awaiting news of whether Embassy wants additional documentation, corrections of current documents, birth family interviews, or that they would simply clear us.

Not only did we NOT clear,
but we got the Embassy-Triple-Threat!
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?!?
My sentiments exactly, bud!
1. We're back to square one with the birth father documentation. They want proof of a search or police document of his reported disappearance. Nobody reported him missing.  We need a plan B.
**UPDATE: I have written to 2 reps to congress and both Ohio senators.  I plan on being a squeaky wheel... Please pray this is effective.

2. The documents they DO have, show some inconsistencies, so they want those fixed. Ok.

3. They want a phone interview with the birth mother AND a meeting to interview his older biological sister. That will take time to set up.


Would you pray with us that this all goes quickly? We kinda had our hopes up that we would clear and be leaving early next week. Our hopes are not completely dashed but we are admittedly disappointed.

Perhaps this is a grace from The Lord, allowing time to raise the necessary funds for travel.  We have been praying for The Lord's provision to take the 3 Homegrown Rogi with us to Ethiopia, and the funds aren't quite there.  In fact, we really only have enough for just one of us to go. Khris and I both feel that neither of us want the other to travel alone.

So, if you feel led, would you please consider sending a donation for our adoption travel fund? You can use the donate button at the top of the right hand column using Paypal to donate directly. If you'd prefer, we are happy to take a cash/check donation. Email me to get a mailing address and or additional details. Talesoftherogi (at) gmail (dot) com

Let's pray this sweet boy home!

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  1. I just added you guys to my prayer journal, and will go back and edit to add these specifics.