Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update & a Little Song Dedication

UPDATE on the Rogi & Embassy:

Friday will mark 17 weeks since we passed court.  You may recall the timeline I listed on my last post.  It took several weeks for our case to be considered for submission to US Embassy and the "Trifecta" I mentioned concerning Embassy's requests:

1. Birth Father Documentation: Now we (by "we" I mean America World and whoever they have requested info/docs from) have now had a search done outside of Kindu's birth-city.  We learned that Kindu's birth-father was not found.  The local police are following up with their own investigation and we are hoping to get that document that Embassy wanted way back in September!

2. Document Inconsistencies:  AW and the translation office are working to correct these translation errors.  This should be complete very soon if not done already.

3.  Birth Relative Interviews:  Embassy interviewed the birth-mother on Monday this week - check!  The older sister has NOT been found to schedule an interview and we JUST heard that Embassy is waiving that request - Woot!

Progress!  We are thankful for these little progressions in our case.

We do have some specific prayer requests:
1. the police would complete their investigation PRONTO and write up the documents that Embassy has requested in order for us to clear.  **UPDATE 12/7/13** THIS is the LAST PIECE to embassy's requests.  It COULD be done for all we know, the powers-that-be have been unreachable all week to confirm the status.  Please keep praying!  **UPDATE 12/9/13** The police wrote our document! They should have faxed it to our agency on 12/10, translated (1-2days), then submitted to embassy.  We could clear THIS WEEK!!!!
2. for the translation office to finish our documents so they can be submitted no later than the police doc.  **UPDATE 12/7/13** We learned on Friday that this IS complete - Praise the LORD for answered prayer!
3. KINDU: he's asking after us...please pray for his sweet soul as he waits for us.
4. FUNDING: we are still accepting donations to cover our travel and post-adoption expenses. We are FUNdraiser-ed Out, so if you feel led, please feel free to use the DONATE button at the top of the sidebar or you can contact me for mailing address to send a check or whatever... talesoftherogi (at) gmail (dot) com.

This little ditty goes out to...

Our family is NOT alone in this stuff.  There are 4 other families from our agency that we have become close to who are dealing with hold-ups regarding US Embassy's requests for MORE info.  In years past, the evidence that all these families have has been sufficient to pass.  Anyway, please continue to pray for The Rogi as well as these other families who are *STUCK* in these delays...these kids just want to be home with their new families...

a song inspired by orphans in Haiti and the families hoping to adopt them


Verse 1:
From sun's rising to its setting
Orphans call upon your name
Crying Abba, Saying Father
We trust you to make a way
For us, for love

Bring our children home
Bring our children home
We sing Abba, Father you are able
To bring our children home

Verse 2:
In the morning through the evening
Families pray and praise your name
Asking Abba to be Father
Rescuing the one's he's claimed
For us to love

When we cannot see you moving
When it seems the dark has won
May you find us still believing
That you want this more than us
You will finish what you started
And your plans for us are good
Help us cling to what you promised
You are faithful, you are sure to
(back to chorus)


from No Double Yellow Line, track released 01 June 2011
Bring Our Children Home:
Words and Music: Cindy Foote
©2010 Centricity Music Publishing/Billy Foote


  1. Beautiful song, it was a guided prayer and you are in my heart! I'm very glad to hear of the progress--more to come soon, I'm sure!