Tuesday, August 14, 2012

June 2012 update: Vacation! Part 1

The last 4 years, at the beginning of June, we have been blessed with a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with the Rogers side of the family.  Khris' sister and her family share a 3-4 bedroom condo with our family and then Grandma & Grandpa get a  small room to themselves.  But we all hang out together for lots of fun in the sun on the beach, in the pool, at the water park and out at the various attractions around the area.

We all drive to get there - it's about a 12 hour drive if we go straight there.  We hit the road after church on Sunday and stop in Charlotte, NC for the night to break up the drive.  Last year, we got up on Monday and went to the Discovery Place - it's a science/children's museum -  and then finished the drive, arriving at the beach by dinner time.

On the road, headed to MBSC!  Woot!

This year, on Monday morning, we got up and headed to the Lazy 5 Ranch near Charlotte.  I must say, I think this was the highlight of our trip for me...

When you enter, there are a bunch of flowers and a small zoo type area...

Loved this mama peahen with her brood.

Mr. Turkey was trying to impress Ms. Turkey...
Well, I was impressed lol

random old farm equipment

Once we went through this little zoo area, it was time to board the wagons for the horse-drawn tour through the rest of the ranch...

The ostriches were a bit intimidating.

We all loved the Scottish Highland Cattle.
They had very sweet dispositions.

Uncle J. feeding a goat

Antelope with a wonky horn

Highland Sweetie

All the cattle just open their mouths to receive the grain.

This is Jimmy... He's been in Chik-Fil-A ads.

Reese & KK feeding Jimmy.  Love that tongue!

various deer, goats and some Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs

mama & her 1-day-old
KK & Khris feeding a deer

"everybody's got a water buffalo; yours is fast but mine is slow;
where do we get them, I don't know but everybody's got a
water buffalo-ooooooooooo!"
Lily feeding her water buffalo

Then, there was my FAVORITE part of the tour...

So excited!!!!!!!

American Buffalo...  these things were huge!

Khris feeding the buffalo

Reese's turn

The girls are feeding a Yak...  she was really gentle &
sweet like the Highland Cattle

Another buffalo

the two families together...  we had a great time
These are the yearling percheron horses that Lazy 5 Ranch breeds to pull the safari wagons.
Aren't they cute?  Hafta add a horse pic #iheartponies.

Adoption Update:
This vacation week marked 3 months DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia).  I'd say so far we're enjoying the wait.  At this point, we moved up the unofficial waiting list for an infant boy from #82 in March to #79 in June - up 3 spots!  As we wait and slowly move up the waiting list, we work, and pray and thank the LORD for his provision  through donations as we put money away for this adoption.  The next chunk we will need to pay will be about $15,000 due at the time we get our referral (our child's file referred to us).  If you'd like to see how far we've come, check out the Adoption Cost page listed at the top of this page.

Stay tuned for June 2012 Update: Vacation!  Part 2