Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Reflections

Sitting at the laptop enjoying a cup of coffee on Saturday (not just any Saturday - OSU/Michigan Saturday) and reflecting back on two days of feasting and fellowship.  It has been a very nice holiday weekend.

I needed this respite.  Life has been challenging for me of late.  I know that God is granting me strength in the midst of these circumstances and that He is using them to refine me.  Some might look at what I am going through and say, “ I could never do that.”   And others would say, “dude, that’s nothing.”  So I won’t use the blog to say - woe is me.  I am grateful that God is molding me and shaping me.

As I had the privilege to look around two Thanksgiving feasts (Michelle’s family on Thursday and my family and some friends yesterday), I realized that God has blessed me with many who love me and care about me.  He opened my eyes to the exorbitant blessings of feasting food, so much so that we will have leftovers for a long time.  It is a joy to walk into a warm house and know that I have a very comfortable bed to retire to each night.  God has granted me the ability to work and plenty of work to do for the foreseeable future.  I have a wife who loves me and three kids who think their dad is a king.  Blessing upon blessing upon blessing.

And I find my mind wandering 7418 miles east.

Map - Shortest path between Columbus and Addis Ababa
I am wondering what the tummy mom of our soon to be son would think of my life.  I am sure that her trials and challenges look far different than mine. Did she get to eat today?  I pray so.  Did the father of my son have the chance to work today?  Is he able to?  Is he even in the picture?  Do they have a house to live in?  A bed to sleep in?  Are there other children in the family that wonder if this pregnancy means that there will be less food for them?  

I am grateful for the opportunity to take a break from the routine of life and reflect and gain some perspective.  The Rogi are a truly blessed family. May we all be a little more thankful each and every day.

"If the only prayers you said in your life were 'thank you', that would be enough" - St. Athanasius

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Mongo! December 11th

There is a BLESSING to fundraising.  How is that?  Well, it gives the Rogi an opportunity to share our heart about adoption.  And do you know what's a BIGGER BLESSING?  YOU have the opportunity to be an integral part of bringing an orphan to his forever home.

My friend Amy over at Feet 2 Our Faith puts it this way:

We need the people of God to come alongside us and partake in the story. We need your prayers and your encouragement. Our adoption becomes a gift to not just our family and our future kids, but also to those who choose to involve themselves in it. They have great joy as they see our thermometer rise. Can you imagine the joy they will share when they see us in the same photograph with our newly ransomed children? Oh! It makes my heart race with excitement!  (read entire post here)

Amen!  I couldn't have said it better myself - really!

With THAT said...............

The Rogers Family wants to invite you to dinner - and THEY'RE GRILLIN"!

Khris and I are grabbin' our "swords" and joining the BD's Mongolian Grillers to cook up some stir-fry, Mongo-style, for everyone in the restaurant.  Sounds FUN, right?  Well, we're putting the FUN in FUNdraiser to support our Ethiopian adoption!

When?  Sunday, December 11, 2011
Where?  BD's Mongolian Grill in the Arena District
               295 Marconi Blvd. in Columbus
What time?  5:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Proceeds from the ticket sales benefit the
Rogers Family Adoption Fund

"How much are tickets, and what is included?"
That is an EXCELLENT question!
Here's the rundown:

$23 Good for Unlimited Stir Fry, Fountain Beverage,
and Mini Dessert

$21 Good for One Bowl of Stir Fry, Fountain Beverage,
and Mini Dessert

$12 Kids 3-11 Good for One Bowl of Stir Fry, Fountian Beverage, and Mini Dessert

(Tickets do NOT include alcoholic beverages and do NOT have cash value)

"But how do I get tickets?" you ask? 
Well, it's EASY!

If you see me frequenlty, you can buy them directly from me.  (checks payable to Michelle R. Rogers)  If not?  You can order your tickets via the Paypal button on the sidebar right over there    --------------->>>>>>>>
See where it says "For Our Ethiopian Adoption -- God Bless You!"?  Click the "Donate" button to purchase tickets.  The button is there below the Little Rogi's picture?
(Aren't they darling?)

Please indicate which tickets you are purchasing and the quantities in the comments along with your delivery preference.
If you are in the Columbus area, I would be happy to deliver your tickets to you.
If you would rather I mail them out, please inticate your delivery preference in the comments section in Paypal checkout along with your mailing address.  Please add $.50 processing/mailing fee with your total (just the cost of an envelope and stamp).

Questions? Leave a comment on this post with your contact info and I will follow up with you (I will not post your contact info on the blog).

What a blessing you are!
Thank you for joining us in this mission to...
...learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause.  Isaiah 1:17