Thursday, November 7, 2013


This week's Rogers Family Update:

12 weeks since we passed court.

8 weeks since America World attempted to submit us to US Embassy.

7 weeks for additional documentation to come through.

We were Finally! submitted to embassy on Monday.  We are praising the LORD for this overcome obstacle.  Now we're praying for quick screening and clearance so that we can bring Kindu HOME!

We received an email today that the initial screening is complete.  We should hear by the end of next week whether US Embassy will request additional documentation, a birth family or "finder" interview, or clear us for travel.  This is a very exciting time!

We are also in the final crunch-time for raising the rest of our funds.  Depending on what Embassy says next week, we could be traveling as soon as two weeks from now - or sooner!

We prayed and asked the LORD for provision for getting our three bio-kids' passports.

God said, "Yes."

We prayed for His provision for the cost of travel vaccinations for them.

Again, God said, "Yes," and they are ready to go!

Lastly we are asking for His provision for the travel expenses so that we can travel together as a family to go to Ethiopia and welcome Kindu into our family... 

to make our family whole on the spot!

Our costs have been miraculously covered to this point and we believe that GOD WILL provide if it's HIS WILL for the first three Little Rogi to be there for Gotcha Day!

We have applied for a few adoption grants - maybe those will be part of that provision.

At this point, we are DONE with the FUNdraisers, so now we are just straight-up asking:

Will YOU partner with us ONE MORE TIME to UNITE the ROGI? To bring Kindu home forever?

We are estimating our need to be around $11,000 for all of us to go.  To you and I, that sounds massive, but if it is God's will - we know that
it will be accomplished.  

Please, don't look at that number and say,

"my gift is too small."  

Every dollar is significant, and every donation is noted by our King of kings.

Thank you for all you have done thus far, and thank you for helping us complete this journey.

Donations can be made to our Adoption Fund through the paypal link at the top of the right hand column.   We can accept checks or cash too if you're not too keen on the whole paypal thing.
Email talesoftherogi (at) gmail (dot) com for a mailing address.

"God sets the lonely in families..." Psalm 68:6

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