Thursday, February 14, 2013

Puzzling Update #2

I'm linking up over at #SpreadtheLove today to share our adoption story.  The idea is that this Valentine's Day, the challenge is to do the following:

  • Pray for orphans around the world and the families that God has called to adopt them
  • Read the stories on the link-up page and pray for those families
  • Share the link to this post on FaceBook, Twittter, any social media, encouraging people to pray for orphans and their families
  • Donate $14 on Feb. 14.  You can donate to us by clicking the AdoptTogether link at the top of the sidebar, or choose another adoption to bless on the link-up page, or another orphan ministry.


Puzzling Update #2

Here we are almost a year DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia).  We've changed our original request from Boy 0-18mos.  Now our request is for a Boy 0-7yrs.  In the list that the parents of our adoption program keep, we're hovering around #9 for a child 4+, but everyone we see in front of us in line is requesting either a girl or any gender 0-5, so we could potentially be the parents of the next healthy 6 or 7 year old available.

We pray for him often. Our prayer usually is that he has been fed and cared for each day, as well as asking the Holy Spirit to reveal His love to our little guy.

My kids and I just began praying daily for each member of our family, including our son in Ethiopia.  You can read my post about it on my other blog, My MommaLogues.  Prayer time with my kids has been a beautiful development in my children's discipleship.

Remember our End of the Summer Puzzler fundraiser?  It's been cruising right along.  We have the whole outline sponsored which ends up being 177 pieces of our adoption puzzle.  That was in the middle of January.

Completed the outline - 177 pieces - on January 19, 2013
Now in the middle of February, we have 205 pieces of the puzzle sponsored!

You can keep up on the puzzle progress over on the FaceBook event page.  AND if you'd like to be a part of the Rogers Family Adoption Puzzle, just click the AdoptTogther link at the top of the sidebar to take you to our fundraising page.  Be sure to comment with how many pieces you are sponsoring and what names you'd like on the back.  Thanks so much!!!


  1. What a great idea to keep track of your sponsoring through the construction of a puzzle!

    I have added your family to my prayer list and am looking forward to following your progress :)