Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Been A While

So.... How was Christmas?  And New Year's Eve?  And Valentine's D...(right, not quite there yet *grin*)

For us?  I'm just going to keep it short and say, "We are so blessed!"  Christmas was a fun, week-long, celebration with family and friends.

Crazy Mustache Antics at the Very Scarry Christmas Party
(extended family on Michelle's mom's side)
Rogers, Burgess & Wallace families (Michelle's parents & sister's family)
Christmas morning: the kids taking turns reading the
Christmas Story out of Luke  1 & 2
We decided on Christmas Eve that instead of Khris going to Atlanta for the Passion 2013 conference alone, that Michelle and the kids would join him and stay at our hosts house while he worked the conference.  We are so thankful for our good friends, The Bolton's.  Matt & Julie, your hospitality is truly a HUGE blessing to us.

While we were there, our friends, Marc & Bonnie, and Russell joined us.  The three of them worked the Passion Conference with Khris.  Michelle and the kids had a bunch of fun while Khris and his crew were serving...

The Bolton's took us to their taekwando class...

We took Gabby Bolton with us to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

oh. deer.
It's gonna eat meeeeeee!!!!!!!
Lily loves owls {0v0}

my 3 dinos
KK & Gabby
Reese & Lily
Genghis Style???
Mongolian Yert
Mongolian catapult

These girls had way too much fun in the Genghis Kahn exhibit

Fernbank Museum entrance

Then we went to The World of Coke 

The vault where the secret Coca~Cola recipe is kept

Have a Coke and a smile (=

 Well, that about catches us up.  We hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day.  We'll be hanging out enjoying chocolate fondue... Yum!

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