Saturday, March 2, 2013

1 Year DTE :: by Khris

When the Lord has blessed us to be able to treat our kids to a special event, such as Great Wolf Lodge or a trip to Myrtle Beach, we spend weeks or even months planning it.  What we do NOT do is tell our kids about it as we plan.  We wait until the last possible moment to tell them, so that we don't get the 1001 questions like, "Mom, can we go to the store today to get a new bathing suit?" when our trip is still 75 days away.  In essence, what we are trying to avoid is the constant barrage of questions.

But it seems this may be exactly what the Lord may want us to do with Him.  God's desire for our lives is that we would live in such a way that we press into Him for our "daily bread".  He is gracious and compassionate to His children, and longs for us to come boldly before the throne of grace with our questions.

The Rogers family is one year DTE today, March 2, 2013.  That means we have had our paperwork submitted to the Ethiopian government for one complete year.  365 days of wondering if today will be the day that we get a phone call.

We know by the trends, that most families are waiting longer than this, yet not a day passes that we don't wonder if the phone might ring.

And this is exactly where our loving God wants us, because all we can do is come to Him with our wonder and say, "when is it coming?"  And we press more into Him.  And we wait.  There is much growth to be had in waiting on the Lord.  We know that His timing is perfect.  We know that there is a sovereign plan that has been in motion since long before we began discussing adoption.  And we know that our God is good.

So we cling to the scriptures, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your path straight."

And we wait....365....366....367....

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