Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So Soon?!?!? May 2012

May, already????  I know!  Guess what though...  I forgot a very important event in the March post.  Khris took the girls to their first ever Father-Daughter Dance.  This dance was a fundraiser for Leap Of Faith Dance Company where my oldest daughter took lyrical ballet this year (you'll get a peek at that in a minute).

Aren't they precious?  The girls LOVED sitting in my shop chair, getting all dolled-up for their very special Daddy Date.

While at the dance, the girls got to dance with their daddy.  Then, while they ran off to dance with their friends, Khris got to hang out with a couple other dads.  From what I hear, a good time was had by all.

Remember all those rehearsals I mentioned in the March post?  Our final performance of Everyday Heroes was finally here.  May 12th was the big day, but not before we celebrated with a cast party after the final dress rehearsal.  The students and mom-helpers did such a fabulous job, I wanted to bless them with a pizza party.  Good times (=
Everyday Heroes cast, crew & directors

 By the end of the homeschool play, Leap Of Faith was finished with dance classes for the year and the dancers and staff were preparing for their recital.  The entire recital day was amazing as the students danced unto the LORD.  KK's lyrical class danced to Blessings by Laura Story.

Mother's Day was in there somewhere too.  Every year for Mother's Day, my husband and kids get the garden prepped and tilled for planting.  We started this year with a 4x4' & 2-4x8' raised beds.  Khris built 2 more 4x8' beds and a 6x8' on the side of the house.

Overall, a good month in May...  Hopefully I can update June (and July too?) very soon.  We've got a new fundraiser coming up too to go with some news on the adoption front.  Stay tuned!

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