Wednesday, May 23, 2012

March 2012

We've had a few busy months here at the Rogers household.  So, to update, I thought I'd post by month:

March this year started off with a bang -- We sent our dossier to Ethiopia and began our wait for the little boy we are adopting.  (See the post "Officially Waiting").  We also had a lot of fun with the March Madness Bracket Fundraiser.  Thank you all for participating!

The following week began a very busy season for me.  I was the director of our homeschool fellowship's spring production, and we held auditions that day.  We rehearsed twice weekly for our show on May 12th (which was a complete success--Yay!).  Here's a few pics from dress rehearsal:

Singing "Everyday Heroes"

"Everyday help, giving hope... they show the love of Jesus everywhere they go!"

From the Gideon Scene: "2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar!  All for the Israelites stand up and holler!"

Esther Scene:  King A extends his golden scepter to Esther

Rocks in Jerusalem's broken wall in the Nehemiah scene

Trumpeters during Nehemiah's Scripture reading

Aren't they all darling?

Meanwhile, the 24th was a busy day when my hubby and the 2 younger kids went bowling with their cousins for a birthday party.  The same day, my oldest daughter and I went to the barn where we ride for a one day horse camp:

KK leading "Meg" into the arena.  The 2nd horse is my boy "C"

a few arena exercises

Playing Red-Light-Green-Light on horseback

KK riding "Meg" for the trail ride

Carrot Race:  "Meg" wins! My boy "C" is nowhere in sight--lazy ;)

Later in the day, 24yo "Story" bursts ahead for the win!  He sure wanted that carrot!

We ended the month on Spring Break.  Our riding instructor went out of state, so I had barn duties for the week.  I took the time to work on cantering my "new" horse (new to me--he's a 17yo).  It wasn't pretty, but we're both getting the hang of it--he's an off-track thoroughbred and I'm (maybe) an intermediate rider:

Enjoy the pics and video...  will update on April soon!

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