Saturday, July 28, 2012

April 2012 - One Month DTE

As promised, another full month update -- better late than never (*ahem).

One Month DTE... I forgot to post some pics of our completed dossier and its send-off...
Signing the final paperwork & having it notarized
See my "baby-bump?" I'm officially in the "2nd trimester" of this pregnancy ;-)
Dossier tucked away and ready to mail it off.
Postage paid and off to America World and then Ethiopia!

April turned out to be pretty busy...just like March (= We had more twice-weekly rehearsals for the homeschool play, a couple of birthdays, hair appointments, homeschooling and a ladies retreat -- Whew!

Lily turned 10 this year, and Reese turned 8.  Both being April birthdays, and considering the busyness of our lives this year, we opted to do a "together party."
Decadent chocolate cake with
raspberry icing - yum!
The happy birthday boy and girl

My small business doing hair fares well.  I still have a steady stream of clients, and everything I earn once my product cost is covered goes toward our adoption expenses.  April being a busy month, I socked away a decent chunk of change for the adoption--
I love what I do and how 
God provides through it.

Throughout the month, I had additional rehearsals to prepare for a Ladies Retreat later in the month where I was asked to lead worship.  I had led worship at this particular retreat a couple times in the past, but this was the first time I was bringing a background vocalist with me.  The Stockport Mill and the surrounding area were beautiful and the Holy Spirit, present.  The entire weekend was like a sweet embrace from the Father. 

My oldest daughter joined me for her first ever Ladies Retreat.  Isn't she beautiful? <3

My Seester and niece joined us for their first retreat together too
(btw, all retreat pics were taken by Seester)

BOTH my sisters were with me on this retreat. 
On the far right is Khris' sister, Jo <3

Our wonderful, Spirit-filled speaker: Kathy Peters out of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
My pal Brittany and I singing unto the Lord
Sing praise to the LORD, ...And give thanks to His holy name. (Psalm 30:4)

The whole group -- the one waving is my sweet sister in the Lord who
put this retreat together.  Thanks Becky -- we all had a great time!
There you have it.  Hopefully I'll be able to update May before the summer's over ;-)

Grace & Peace to you and yours ~Michelle


  1. LOVE your shirt!!! ;) Miss you guys so much!! We need to plan our August get together since July is almost over!! Love you all!!

    1. Hello friend! Yes, we need to get together! Are you coming down for the AWAA picnic? I have an idea about that weekend. I'll text or something (=