Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update: MOWCYA


We have our MOWCYA court date!  

The court in Ethiopia has subpoenaed MOWCYA for a positive recommendation letter for our family and the birth parent is requested to appear to give consent for the adoption.  All this is to happen on July 29th.  I asked if there was any chance we could get a court date and have to travel later that week and our coordinator said, "YES!"  We could potentially travel with only a one day notice.

Although there is also the chance that we will NOT travel, we want to be prepared, so bring those donations for the Transition Home and the Orphanages!

Like I said yesterday, we will place a box to collect donations in the church lobby or we will receive them at our house.  For drop-off details and a list of needed donations see yesterday's post.

We are also still raising funds for our travel.  If you feel led to donate financially for our travel to Ethiopia to make "K" ours, please click the DONATE button on the top right side of this page.

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