Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Memories, and a Sneak-Peek

Merry Christmas!

I do love this time of year.  One of my fondest memories of Christmastime as a kid, was Santa coming to my house on Christmas Eve.  My sister and I would sit on his lap and tell him our Christmas wishes.

Christmas Eve 1975
I'm not sure what my sister was wishing for here ;-)

He'd then let us reach into his big velvety red bag and pick out our first gift - usually an ornament that we'd hang on the tree right then - and give us each a giant candy cane.

Ole Santa would wish us a peaceful night's sleep and assure us he wouldn't come back until we were indeed asleep.  I happen to have that old Santa suit.  It belonged to my grandpa who passed away when I was in college.

Christmas 1975
Clockwise from left: Me (3), Grandpa Burgess, my cousin Laurie (3), and my sister Erin (18 mos)

I figured out that Santa was my grandpa when I was in second grade.  Late fall that year, my grandpa had a heart attack and ended up having triple bypass heart surgery.  Santa still came that year, but he was different. I KNEW Santa and this guy in my house was NOT him!  As I sat on his lap (very suspicious, mind you), I leaned back and saw the back of his neck.  I saw a hairline under the white hair and put some clues together.  Santa's stand-in was my DAD!  That year Grandpa wasn't well enough to do his Santa shtick, but we had a few more Christmas Eve's with the "real" Santa after he was well.

I sure do love my Santa!

All in the name of Christmas memories, Friday we'll be doing our very first giveaway.  Last year my sister and I made up a bunch of these ornaments for a fundraiser and this week I've already sold 4 just from a quick post on our adoption agency's yahoo group page.

Over on our Active Adoption Fundraisers page you can see all the possible colors and patterns.  I've been busy making these Christmas ornaments to continue fundraising for our adoption and decided to make an extra-special one for this giveaway.  Here's a hint at what it'll kinda look like:

So, be sure to come back Friday to see the ornaments and enter for your chance to win one of three
"limited edition" Ethiopia Christmas ornaments.
See you then!

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