Monday, August 25, 2014

Somebody Should Really Keep this Blog Current

Well, Last time I posted, we were waiting to hear that we cleared Embassy to bring Kindu home.

How many of our readers had NO idea when that happened?  Hopefully not too many since Kindu has now been HOME OVER 8 MONTHS!

God is so good (all the time)!

Here's a recap:

12/12/13  Kindu cleared Embassy and we were asked to select 3 dates for possible Visa appointments.  We got confirmed for a 12/18/13 Visa appointment and IN A HURRY we booked our flights.

We were in Ethiopia by 12/17/13, grabbed our son and had a nice, short stay.
Let's get outta here!
12/21/13 We arrived home to a wonderful party in the airport

The older Little Rogi's 1st glimpse of their new brother
1st family photo
the party!
Reconnecting with another Ethiopian friend who came home a few months before
Oh, the JOY!!! 
Thanks for the love!!!
We had Khris' sister pick up some Ethiopian carry-out for Kindu's first dinner home and we settled in for the night.
The next day Kindu and I stayed home from church but Khris dialed me up on FaceTime so I could listen to the sermon.
Sunday after church: 1st time trimming the tree
Kindu went to church for the first time on Christmas Eve just a couple nights later.  He was overwhelmed despite our having everyone keep their distance.

1st American Christmas
Kindu and the other Little Rogi enjoyed many activities during our Christmas Break...
Play-Doh...he made me some "soup"  ;-)
1st horseback ride
1st watercolor painting
Uno with the siblings is a good way to learn colors and numbers
My handsome SuperHeroes
1st birthday party. It was at Recreations Outlet.
Kindu would NOT leave my side. Although there were a TON of things to play on, he didn't want to play with Reese or the other kids.  He felt safest when I held his hand through all of it.  This was a BIG trust-building day for us.

6 weeks home, we could see a HUGE difference in his weight.  Check out a side-by-side we posted on instagram --->
6 weeks home
In the first 2 months home, we were already over the "honeymoon" phase of our adoption.  We are grateful though for as smooth a transition as we've had compared to some of the possible scenarios we were prepared for.  There have only been a handful of meltdowns and panicky behaviors.  And Praise the Lord, all the kids get along so well!

1st Valentine's Day.  Instead of cards and candy, we do chocolate fondue...YUM!
By the 3-month mark, we counted and found that Kindu had learned and was using 250 English words and phrases! He was really getting accustomed to school time too--->
Enjoying some learning time on the computer
Tracing his name and date
1st trip to the Creation of our favorite field trips
1st visit to the Columbus Zoo
Kindu took part in his first organized soccer league this spring--->
I snagged a team shot during picture day
Soccer is better with friends!

We celebrated Kindu's birthday with him.  His 1st ever celebrated birthday is a B-I-G deal--->
"I'm 7!"

5 months home we posted another side-by-side--->
5 months home (my caption from when I posted this on Instagram): "This is what good food, good sleep, safety, stability and TONS of love looks like #adoptionrocks #gotloveadopt #adoption #lovemylittlerogi #kindu #oneless #orphannomore #john14v18"
In June, Kindu went on his 1st ever family vacation--->
First stop: Lazy 5 Ranch, where we went on a horse-drawn wagon ride and got to feed a bunch of cool animals
Kindu feeding a bison

My favorite part of Lazy 5 Ranch is the giraffes!!!
Kindu, Reese and I, along with Uncle Jarrod feed the giraffe
Finally made it to Myrtle Beach - Khris gives the annual Beach Safety Talk
1st ocean experience and a little boogie-board lesson
Heading out into the surf...Don't bite the sharks!
He caught on quick!
All the Little Rogi had a great 1st day at the beach <3
I love when we can capture these moments...
In front of the Sphinx of Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach
1st carousel ride - Broadway At The Beach in Myrtle
1st ever fireworks - Broadway At The Beach in Myrtle
A little more swim time in the resort water park

1st dinner theater - Pirates Voyage
We can't keep this guy out of the pool!!!

 On the way home from the beach, we stopped in "Mayberry"--->
KK  L-O-V-E-S the Andy Griffith Show
On the road again... DD iced cap, breakfast sandwich and a smile as he watches a movie on the way home
This summer has been packed with trips to the zoo & the swimming pool.  We even got to spend time with another friend from Ethiopia who came down with his family for a little down time in Columbus--->
Kindu, Dagim, Reese, Abe, KK & Lily
His personality is starting to come out as he gets more comfortable with the family--->

We did a little camping and hiking while Khris and KK were in California--->
1st camping trip
Swim goggles were Kindu's BRILLIANT idea for keeping the smoke out of his eyes while he roasted marshmallows #genius
Old Man's Cave selfie

Here we are at 8 months home and Kindu's English is AMAZING, he is beginning to read short-A 3-letter words; he knows and can write his full name, address and phone number; gives hugs and I-love-yous freely, AND he will on occasion sass me in perfect English (that means attachment right? Ha!).  

We thank God for bringing Kindu home and we are thoroughly enjoying the new Rogers-Family-Of-6.

Blessings to you all!
Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens,
Your faithfulness to the clouds
Psalm 36:5